Frey Ranch Grain Silo

DESC: Pop-up Grain Silo
ROLE: Experiential Design, Visualization
CLIENT: Frey Ranch Whiskey

Unlike most whiskeys, Frey Ranch grows all the grain in their whiskey on their own farm. The team wanted to highlight this fact with a unique pop-up setup before they embarked on their tradeshow tour, so we designed and fabricated a grain silo for them to use as a traveling bar to serve product out of.


The Grain Silo was needed for indoor whiskey tradeshows as well as outdoor festivals, so we designed something that could be disassembled and reassembled quickly. Cam-lock wall panels and the detachable roof were important considerations to ensure that it could travel and be put in storage safely.

A satellite bar was designed for additional sampling and serving purposes. This kit includes a pergola for shade and an optional backbar for product display.